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Here at The Holistic Link, we value your patronage and respect your privacy.

The Holistic Link does not share your information with any other party.

The links on our site are considered "third party" companies, individuals, and/or organizations.  These "third party" links may request information from you as you browse their sites or purchase products.  This information is not shared or given to The Holistic Link.  These "third party" entities may also place cookies on your computer when you view their site, in order to recognize your computer in the future when returning to their site.  This is an independent process, not associated with The Holistic Link.  It is best to view their privacy policies when viewing their site.

The Holistic Link does not use cookies.  We do not try to identify any of our visitors.

The Holistic Link has never and will never give your information to any third party, even though their links may be on our site. 

The Holistic Link does not gather your information for any other purpose than is specified at the time you give such information. 

The Holistic Link does not share your email address, nor do we add your email address to additional mailing lists within our organization. 

We value and respect your privacy.

Thank You.

  Please Note* The Holistic Link provides links to websites that provide holistic products, services, and information.  We do not make any claims as to the accurateness of the information found on linked sites.  We do not guarantee the effectiveness of any products on such linked sites, nor do we offer any medical advice. 

Please always consult your physician before beginning any holistic treatment.

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